Eurotrip Day 16: Saints and skeletons


Chianti is views upon views of vineyards and olive trees, green rolling hills dotted with little medieval villages, the smell of grape must in the air. Chianti is also winding roads with treacherous drop offs on each side and Italians who have no fear of the many blind curves and gravel switchbacks.

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Eurotrip Day 15: Feeling Sienese


We were determined to make our time in Chianti a true rest, but Siena was only 45 minutes away and I didn’t want to pass up the chance to visit this medieval town where St. Catherine fell in love with Christ. Siena and Florence were great medieval rivals until Siena faded into the background with the Plague of 1348. This means Siena’s walled city and winding streets maintain much of their medieval character.

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