Eurotrip Day 14: Under the Tuscan sun


This AirBnB is the perfect place to take it slow. The toys, the view, the cute house: we’re loving it. We decided to stay at home all morning on Wednesday. Christopher played, we had a leisurely breakfast, and then hung out on our front terrace. It was a chance to rest and also to feel the effects of sheer exhaustion accumulated over the past two weeks.

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Eurotrip Day 9: A city of contradictions

And what about Rome? Rome is beautiful, Rome is ugly. Something about this city exacerbates contrasts, incongruities and contradictions, a Levi’s billboard rippling on the facade of a four-hundred-year-old church, a drunk sleeping on the tram in $300 shoes. Four mornings ago I watched a man chat with the baker for five minutes while a half dozen of us waited behind him then climbed into a Mercedes and tear off at fifty miles an hour. As if he had not a single second to spare.

 Anthony Doerr’s Four Seasons in Rome



Our day in Rome started with a walk to the Vatican to see St. Peter’s Square for the first time. It is merely a block away from our AirBnB and it being the main event, we thought we’d start off our trip with a walk over. Out our window, we could hear pilgrims singing in the streets on their way to the Basilica to celebrate this weekend’s anniversary of the charismatic renewal.

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