New Year’s Perfection

I’m a bit curmudgeonly about New Year’s resolutions, generally because I don’t stick to them. I also listened to too much Death Cab for Cutie as an impressionable and angsty teenager:

Words of the year make me cringe and I never even remember what I resolve for the year, let alone stick to it. Anyway, now I also have the excuse that the Church new year already passed and resolutions are for Lent. Nevertheless, my vague resolution for 2016 is to “get more organized.” Whatever that means. So far, I have watched a dozen YouTube videos about other people’s planners and bought a roll of washi tape. So progress, yes?


I just wanted an excuse to use this gif. Feel Obi-Wan’s disdain.

Christopher is at an easy age at the moment (as easy as toddlers can be), so I’d like to strike out beyond our daily routine to get some more long term habits in place before any possible big life changes happen – moving, another kid, looking for work from home. I worry I become a slave to the medium of organization without actually getting organized. I watched all those videos about various Etsy shop owners’ beautiful bullet journals and I think “well, actually, the key to getting anything done is an immaculate planner.” As much as I wish I had that kind of creativity, I know I will never be able to artfully place washi tape just-so. A system would be nice, but nicer still is actually vacuuming our carpet.

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