Sunday in Emmendingen

Germany is experiencing a heat wave right now called the “Saharan Bubble”. We woke up on Sunday morning anticipating a high of 96 degrees F, which didn’t sound great for a place with no air conditioning. We also had to find a place for Mass and the Catholic Church in our village shares a priest with other parishes and did not have Mass this morning. Chris found a Mass time in Emmendingen, about a 4 km walk away and we decided to go for it, so after some breakfast, we headed out for a stroll/march on the bike trail between the towns.


Surely pontificating about something whale-related

St. Bonifatius Kirche

Christopher was not into walking – it was hard to blame him, it’s hot – so the kids did musical chairs in the stroller, on a parent’s shoulders, and in the Ergo until we arrived, sweating, at Mass to the familiar tune of the Alleluia.

The Mass was all in German, of course. There was even a tune that sounded suspiciously like a song from the American Church’s worst export, Marty Haugen, translated into German. (I will never escape him.) It kinda spoiled all my nascent thoughts about catholicity and particularity because lol Marty Haugen as the universal does not inspire the same wistful reflection. Nevertheless, it was a sweet little church, with a basket of books and paper for drawing for kids, of whom there were a couple besides our crew. We made a stop at the St. Joseph altar after Mass and then walked into town to find some food.

Germany puts Indiana’s blue laws to shame and almost everything is closed on Sundays. (#integralism?) Emmendingen has a sweet little platz and carless streets.

We wandered down one looking for a place to eat and stumbled upon Mahlwerkk, a cafe I had read about before we arrived. The side street also had Bächle, little canals that were used originally to keep water easily accessible in case of fire, but now offer a little place for kids to play and for everyone to cool off. The morning was exactly what I pictured for this trip: enjoying an iced kaffee in a picturesque town while the kids play happily. It was so lovely.


We took the nice air conditioned bus back to our town to spare ourselves the walk and put the T’s down for naps and Christopher deposited for quiet time. My mom arrived in the late afternoon! Yay! But the airline lost her bag. Boo. We’ve been catching up with her and keeping our apartment a cool oasis with the blackout shutters down – my mom said it looks like we’re in an apocalypse with boarded windows – as the real feel has reached 103. Chris has perfected the art of bowl ice. The kids’ rooms have the only two fans in the house. Send A/C.

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