Eurotrip Day 14: Under the Tuscan sun


This AirBnB is the perfect place to take it slow. The toys, the view, the cute house: we’re loving it. We decided to stay at home all morning on Wednesday. Christopher played, we had a leisurely breakfast, and then hung out on our front terrace. It was a chance to rest and also to feel the effects of sheer exhaustion accumulated over the past two weeks.


Our friends, Jon and Laura and their baby, CJ, were also staying in Chianti with Laura’s mom. We met them in Panzano, one of the many small villages along the winding roads, for lunch. We went to Dario Doc, run by a man called “the Butcher of Panzano.” (Jon clarified that he was, in fact, a butcher and not a war criminal.) We had some mishaps on the one way streets, but were soon catching up about each of our families’ travels since Oxford over tasty mounds of meat from cows raised in Chianti.


The Askonases made us reservations for a tour at the Antinori winery. The Antinori family has been making wine since the Middle Ages and the facility is extravagant. We loved the oaky smell of the aging rooms and the wafts of grape must from the giant vats. I don’t pretend to know anything about wine, but the three glasses at the tasting were enjoyable and much better than we’ve ever had. Christopher even enjoyed the tour and was fascinated with the tractors and machines that turn grapes into wine. The whole thing felt very sophisticated.


From the winery, we drove to the Askonases agriturismo in Rignana for a dip in the pool and some poolside snacks with some view-gawking. It made me feel better about schlepping Christopher’s puddle jumper floatie all the way across the ocean as he played by himself in the pool until he got too cold. He snuggled up on Alice’s lap and happily joined us in our snacking, his lips still a little blue.


That’s it. That’s the trip.


(Thanks, Jon, for these pictures.)

We went to dinner at the restaurant attached to the agriturismo. We had traditional Tuscan food with truffles and a huge Bistecca a Florentina to split between four of us. #meatsweats


We talked until we were one of only a few tables left in the restaurant before we drove back to our place. I was thankful it was not yet goodbye, as we’ll all be in Paris together at the end of our trip.


This area is absolutely stunning and it feels like so much more beauty than we deserve.

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