We have to learn a new fight song…


This summer, after three years of bragging and boasting about boola boola, we’ll be moving halfway (a third of the way?) across the country to South Bend, because Chris is going to Notre Dame! He’ll be in the PhD program in Theology, his top choice. We’re incredibly excited because:

1) I called Notre Dame “Catholic Disneyland” when we visited for a conference in undergrad. I maintain this nickname, but now it’s not pejorative. The Massiest place on Earth!
2) Chris met a bunch of his cohort at interview weekend and became instant friends. I’m planning on hitching my ride to that bandwagon.
3) PhD stipend, holla! in…
4) South Bend, which seems about a billion times cheaper to survive in than Connecticut and we’re hoping we can buy a house(!!!) People keep saying, “oh, South Bend isn’t a great area” and I’m like, we lived in murder city for three years with only one stolen bike and found it quite pleasant.

Of course, I’m super sad to leave. (See: last post.) But I’m doing the healthy thing and pretending not to think about it until this summer. Here’s to five (or six) years of pretending to care about football!

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