The World Beyond Your Kid’s Head


A search for “toddler uses iPad” on YouTube returns over 16,000 hits. Some of them are alarmist news stories about the effect of screen time on children, but many are videos of, yes, small children navigating through the apps with more skill than their grandparents have. While this is supposed to amaze us – look at those toddlers using advanced technology! – most of our handheld devices are set up for a toddler-level brain to use. Want, grunt, point. The journey from desire to accomplishment is one swipe or tap away. It really is so easy, a two year-old can do it.*

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7QT: Running, Falling, Schooling

Ah, I let the blog lie fallow for a bit there. Nothing like my ninth Seven Quick Takes (and Link-tober!) to get back into it. Go visit Kelly for the rest of the quick takers!


Things have been pretty normal around here. I feel like we’ve really hit a groove in New Haven: our parish is fantastic, we’re trying to practice more hospitality. It finally feels like home. And we might be moving again a year from now. I know we will end up loving wherever we end up, but it will probably also take two years. Ah, rootless academic life. New England fall doesn’t hurt.

From a Yale grad school family apple picking trip

From a Yale grad school family apple picking trip

I’ve already been to two orchards this fall and it’s only October 9th. #newenglanding

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