Spooky immortals in Slade House

A David Mitchell story made me go into labor.cover70374-medium

Well, sort of.

I was super overdue with Christopher – my mom had arrived the week before thinking surely baby would have come out by now – and we decided to Just Do It and had gone for a very long walk the day before. I was feeling very out of it and very over it the next day, so we made it a pizza and movie Friday. Having seen David Mitchell give a talk and a reading at Yale that week (one perk of being late), we were all in a Cloud Atlas mood and cued it up on HBOGo.

I went into labor early the next morning. Post-modern narrative conceits can be powerful, apparently.

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Carousel Moments


In celebration of our long Labor Day weekend, we got a pass from the library for deeply discounted tickets to Beardsley Zoo. Christopher is really into trucks and animals – the two major species of beloved things for toddlers – so we hoped the zoo would be fun for him. Those animals delivered. He walked through most of the zoo that morning, quite a feat for little buddy legs, pointing and squawking at the wolves and ducks, and remaining totally neutral toward the anteaters that had captivated his parents.

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