I wish I could bottle the excitement that oozes from Christopher’s entire being when we even allude to taking the dog for a walk. I could get rid of my morning coffee (but I bet I couldn’t put a bunch of half and half in it, so I’d keep the Coffee Mate). If Christopher had a tail – just hypothetically! – it would wag harder than Chester’s when I grab the leash.

Let me just show you:

When Chris and I decided to dive into the unusual situation of free rent in exchange for being dog nannies, we hoped an added bonus would be Christopher’s enthusiasm for making canine friends – his first “word” (okay, sound) was woof, after all. I don’t think we expected it would be this great. He has has already embraced his status as dog owner. He grabs the leash, holding it above his head, and chases Chester around the apartment with it thinking it will magically attach to his collar. I’ve caught him attempting to empty his sippy cup one drop at a time into Chester’s water bowl. He woofs when Chester woofs and is particularly fond of following Chester’s example when he rubs his nose on the carpet after downing his kibble dinner.

Chester is not quite as enamored of Christopher. We’ve had a few snapping incidents that result in Chester’s banishment to the pantry with his tail between his legs. Although, Chester is into playing the long con, hoping that, one day, Christopher will open his chubby fingers to share his coveted Goldfish snacks. Happy toddlers are easy marks. And those marks are extremely unhappy should the con dog get his furry snout around an unattended Ritz cracker.

Chester has at least found Christopher to be a useful ally in searching out snacks from other people. This is what happened when I tried to sneak a muffin.


The taxmen cometh.

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