#5Faves: Podcasts

The summer doldrums have me in a terrible blogging rut and sitting on a 1000+ word post that I’m not happy with about Matthew Crawford’s new book. So let’s break out of that rut by linkin’ up with Jenna and the five faves.


I love podcasts. They’re great company on dog walks, errands, or pushing through cooking dinner. I started off with that erstwhile fave, This American Life, and got addicted to Serial like everyone else. As podcasts have grown in profile, I’ve branched out with help from a lot of lists like these. I subscribe to thirteen podcasts, but here are my current five favorites. (Most links are to iTunes.)

1. Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.34.35 AM

I’m pretty sure I cook dinner more successfully on Thursdays because of this podcast. Hosted by two young priests in Denver, CSYSK started off as a 5-10 minute taste of weird or obscure stuff in Christian history: stylites, the Tetragrammatron, the martyrdom of Edmund Campion. But as it has developed, it has become a perfect mix of silliness and really fascinating aspects of Catholicism. I feel like these dudes have become my friends. This episode about one of their vocation stories was extremely moving: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

2. CiRCE Institute Podcast Network

Photo from CiRCEinstitute.org

Photo from CiRCEinstitute.org

CiRCE is an acronym for “Consulting and Integrated Resources in Classical Education.” Basically, it’s a think tank for the Christian classical renewal in education. I considered interning for CiRCE in Atlanta for my externship for John Jay, but there was a certain boy who lived in DC whom I wanted to marry. Anyway, the CiRCE network features four podcasts: The Mason Jar – discussions about Charlotte Mason and classical education; Quiddity – interviews and ideas about classical education; Close Reads – discussions about great literature and how to teach it; The Commons – conversations about great people worth imitating. I have only listened to the first three of the series so far, but I feel smarter for it and motivated for the next school year. The hosts of the latest Close Reads about Jean-Paul Sartre’s The Wall made some fantastic points about helping students connect with what they read.

3. 99% Invisible


99% Invisible is a podcast about design in unexpected ways. I’m still thinking about a recent episode about the movement for driverless cars, Johnnycab (Automation Paradox #2). Protip: don’t listen to Automation Paradox #1 if you are taking a flight soon.

4. Mystery Show

mystery show

I have Brigid to thank for alerting me to Mystery Show. Starlee Kine, our plucky host/private detective, solves mysteries that can’t be solved using the internet. Who would get the vanity plate, ILUV911? How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal, really? I have to admit that it can get a little twee for me, but some episodes are gems. I surprised myself by really enjoying Case #2: Britney.

5. StartUp

startup - twitter

I marathoned a lot of season two of StartUp just yesterday but now I’m hooked. I don’t think I’ll ever start my own company, but listening to the trials and travails of a newly formed dating service is surprisingly compelling.

3 thoughts on “#5Faves: Podcasts

  1. These look interesting. My DH is always trying to get me to listen to podcasts and I would do so happily except. Well. My kids are never interested in anything I am doing or listening to until I don’t want them to be, then they can’t leave me alone, have to see what I’m doing, want to hear what I am listening to…UGH! At least the Catholic podcast would be safe and the other stuff would probably go over their heads so I wouldn’t have to worry about little ears overhearing something inappropriate.

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