I wish I could bottle the excitement that oozes from Christopher’s entire being when we even allude to taking the dog for a walk. I could get rid of my morning coffee (but I bet I couldn’t put a bunch of half and half in it, so I’d keep the Coffee Mate). If Christopher had a tail – just hypothetically! – it would wag harder than Chester’s when I grab the leash.

Let me just show you:

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7QT: In search of a Grand Hotel workout.

Linking up with Kelly, who has had some moving posts the past week, for Seven Quick Takes!


This past week, I have leaped con todo mi corazón into the absurdly eventful world of Grand Hotel on Netflix. If you’re unfamiliar, Grand Hotel is purported to be the “Spanish Downton Abbey,” but it’s really a telenovela masquerading as a period piece. AND IT IS FANTASTIC. There are murders, gold knives, gas leaks, secret pregnancies…the works. I’ve just started season two and, so far, this screenshot pretty much sums it up:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.36.11 PM

That’s it. That’s the show.

The show is also reminding me how much I hate the Spanish subjunctive, but love the yo form of suponer. Supongo. 101 Dalmatians is essential to the integrity of the Spanish language. The hair on this show is varied and indicative of most of the characters’ virtue. I have copious examples:

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#5Faves: Podcasts

The summer doldrums have me in a terrible blogging rut and sitting on a 1000+ word post that I’m not happy with about Matthew Crawford’s new book. So let’s break out of that rut by linkin’ up with Jenna and the five faves.


I love podcasts. They’re great company on dog walks, errands, or pushing through cooking dinner. I started off with that erstwhile fave, This American Life, and got addicted to Serial like everyone else. As podcasts have grown in profile, I’ve branched out with help from a lot of lists like these. I subscribe to thirteen podcasts, but here are my current five favorites. (Most links are to iTunes.)

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