Throwback Thursday: Switchfoot Edition


I don’t listen to much music now since I’m hooked on podcasts, but when I do it’s usually Sad Girl music or Taylor Swift. However, the soundtrack to my earnest adolescence was made up exclusively of the hometown boys in Switchfoot. The depth of my obsession is difficult to communicate. I took the above picture at the second annual Bro-Am after “volunteering” aka moving a single table into place, taking awkward pictures with two of the members of the band, and then getting to the stage at the right time so I could be in the very front row. My ninth grade English teacher reminded me recently that I even wrote a personal essay about one of their concerts. The “switchfoot” tag in my LJ is a lot of pages long.

After going to their show at the fair during our visit to San Diego, I’ve been hooked on Fading West, their recent album. I’m #tbt’ing to high school hard, so here are five Switchfoot songs, deep cut style, that take me back to school bus rides down The 5 and convincing my mom to drive me all over southern California to attend shows.

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The Four Couch Dilemma

Here’s a riddle for you:

You move in to a simultaneously snug and spacious basement apartment. You bring your own couch that you like and would prefer to keep, but your landlord has stored two couches and a love seat in your living room and is not thrilled about moving any of them. You’re not hosting any insurrection meetings or twenty-person movie nights in the near future. What do you do?

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Of cacti and lamp-posts


This particular long trip to San Diego has been a tour of nostalgia, even more than our previous vacations. I went to a Switchfoot concert at the Del Mar Fair with my mom and sister – a sentence that could have been written ten years ago. We visited Balboa Park with Christopher to see the Model Railroad Museum, my brother’s favorite as a tot. It’s made me miss San Diego not only as the place where my family lives, but San Diego itself.

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