Deep Space Buddy 


Every parent daydreams about what his or her kid may be when he grows up. Whom will he marry, if he does at all? What will he choose for a job? Where will he live? (please don’t let it be too far away)

Chris has a very specific daydream for Christopher: He is to be the first Archbishop of Mars.

You see, Chris has thought this out in extreme detail. First, Christopher will attend the Air Force Academy and graduate with flying colors as well as the ability to fly fighter jets. Then, he will discover his vocation to the priesthood, enter the Dominican order, complete his training and then, his superior will assign him and his unique talents to the space program.

NASA will be sending a group to Mars by this time (obviously) and Colonel Father Christopher, OP will be aboard that rocket.

But way before any of this happens, he has to prepare for astronaut training. NASA has a “Train Like an Astronaut” program for kids involving exercise, proper diet, blah blah blah. We all know astronauts really need to withstand extreme g-forces. Thus, being thrown in the air is the best training for the future prince of the Church on Mars.

Chris is happy to oblige.



Featuring Aunt Cara’s laundry basket as training space capsule.



I cried a whole ocean during Interstellar, so, needless to say, I am not a fan of deep space buddy. But if God calls him to Mars, who am I to stop him? 😉

Happy Father’s Day to my favorite deep space commander.

(P.S. I really liked Kendra’s recent post about How to Let Your Husband Be a Great Dad and I think I could be way better at this, especially in matters related to “astronaut training.”)

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