The San Diego Odyssey

We made it to San Diego! Unfortunately, we made it into quite the odyssey, but by George, we made it.


We left my in-laws’ to get to JFK on Friday maaaaybe ten minutes late, but it should not have mattered except for the traffic. In rural nowhere Connecticut. And then Google Maps lead us on an alternate route with more traffic. I was convinced from the beginning that we would miss our flight, but Chris was optimistic. As a side note, we often balance each other out in this way. It is rare that both of us are dooming and glooming at the same time and it’s very helpful.

The traffic when we hit New York

But the hope made the eventual outcome that much more disappointing. We made it to JFK a mere 45 minutes before our flight so American wouldn’t check our bag, and thus we could not get on our flight. I wept. It was a lot. But we had the kindest gate agent who rebooked us through Chicago for the next day even when she was under no obligation to.

We spent the night at the JFK Holiday Inn on American Airlines’ appropriately named “distress rate,” shoving the hotel crib in the tiny bathroom, and getting a few hours of terribly restless sleep. We got up at the crack of dawn to catch our flight to Chicago. The gate agent had even blocked off the entire row for us, so we brought the car seat on the plane and Christopher slept the whole time. He squeezed in some time to spot some trucks, or “duh!” as everything is called right now.

We were rebooked, but on standby for our Chicago to San Diego flight. It was looking grim for our original plan so we hunkered down in O’Hare to prepare for a long day.

We had a good time, all things considered, and we were surprised to make the second San Diego flight when we expected to be on the last one out of the day. A few somewhat tortuous toddler hours later, we touched down and met my mom in baggage claim.


Things have been pretty fun (and {pretty}) around here since, despite a round of croup or similar virus.






We went to the San Diego County Fair – it will always be the Del Mar Fair to me – yesterday. Chris had a gigantic turkey leg and we ogled some exhibits. A woman submitted dryer lint and cat hair for the collections display. Real life hoarders.


The best part was the petting zoo.






Christopher has also been bonding with our resident livestock, Sky, the, ahem, energetic Australian Shepherd. He’s a big fan of licking, not as big a fan of forceful licking.



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