7QT: Go, Lassie, Go (to California)


In a mere two hours, we are off to the airport to catch a late cross-country flight to see my family in San Diego! I’m so excited, I could burst. Why am I writing a post with only two hours left to pack, etc.? Because I drank a ton of coffee this morning and between my typical travel anxiety that does not abate until we are sitting on a plane and the caffeine, I am crushing it. I packed, wrote my grammar class’s final exam, and did some browsing already.


We’ve had a pleasant time with my in-laws in rural Connecticut this week. On Wednesday, we took a trip to Washington Depot, the town upon which Stars Hollow was supposedly based. It was very green and very New England. We had lunch at George Washington Tavern and I could imagine Taylor holding deals over a sandwich there. Christopher enjoyed it quite a bit.    


What I am not crushing is my latent anxiety about a long flight with a toddler. All of our previous flights with Christopher have been surprisingly pleasant, but that was before he could walk. I have whole-heartedly neglected my Pinterest-inspired aspirations for crafts to keep him busy. Our flight takes off about two hours before bed time so we’re hoping we can walk him up and down the aisles and let him indulge in some iPhone usage before the uncomfortable business of Ergo-ing him to sleep. If there’s one thing I absolutely hate in this world, it’s nursing in an airplane seat. Ora pro nobis, y’all.


Between moving and packing anxiety, a Christopher illness this week, and my attempt to compensate with caffeine all day, I’ve not been sleeping very well. I’m ready to get to my parents’ house and pass out, only to be awoken at 4:00am by a toddler who does not understand Pacific time.


Good reads this week that will inevitably be presented as reasons my husband should not get tenure in the future:

  • My husband wrote an article for a Knights of Columbus project called Fathers for Good. I still can’t tell if the lone comment on the column is supposed to be scoldy or what. We’re not starving, Gerry, I promise.
  • Jenny hits the Caitlyn situation nail on the head. I also liked this take, linked by Simcha Fisher.
  • Matthew Lee Anderson wrote a beautiful 10,000 word essay about the reasons behind his opposition to gay marriage.
  • After all that heavy reading, you’re going to want to visit Auntie Leila’s Bad Pinterest Ideas board. Hilarious.
  • I stumbled upon this old article about Homeboy Industries this morning and it brought tears to my eyes several times. My dad does some business with them and Chris got to go to a dinner with Fr. Boyle at Yale recently. He’s the real deal.
  • If I had any extra money, I’d throw it at this Kickstarter for a documentary questioning hormonal birth control. I liked The Business of Being Born but despite having a natural birth, I’m not quite as crunchy as Ricki Lake. However, it’s refreshing to see a secular challenge to the language of “empowerment” surrounding a pill that suppresses an essential facet of feminine identity.


My father-in-law listens almost exclusively to the Irish Tenors. I’ve written before about how I find Irish music terribly depressing but I’ve had this jaunty tune stuck in my head all week.

Of course, as Chris can tell you, I inherited the penchant for making up ditties for everything from my father. This song quickly turned into “Go, Tweetie, Go,” since Tweetie is my favorite nickname for Christopher. It made me long to return to Ireland. A bonus picture from our honeymoon in Donegal for nostalgia’s sake: IMG_1582 I’m also reading Outlander, which, yes, is set in Scotland and not all Gaelic people are the same, but there’s a lot of “lassies” in there. No Timmys in wells, but a lot of lassies (har har har). (The jury’s still out on whether I want to finish the book.)


I really should get back to packing. Next time I post, we’ll be soaking up the June Gloom in San Diego!!!! I’m going to explode, I’m so excited.

2 thoughts on “7QT: Go, Lassie, Go (to California)

  1. Not sure how far you’re into Outlander, but I do hope you continue! The first one of the series is just so wonderful… I love how real her characters become, and how immersed one can fall into the story…
    I thought I was all about Ireland until I began reading this, and now I think I’m in love with all things Scottish as well!

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