7 Ways to Welcome Spring

Another week, another seven quick takes. I’ll write a real post one day, I promise. This week: my tips for welcoming the warmer weather.

1. Try a new look

Duct tape is in. Have you heard?

To my deep chagrin, I discovered I had lost one half of my last pair of (increasingly dry and itchy) contacts and all I have to wear are my glasses. That are broken. And held together with duct tape. And my eye appointment isn’t for two weeks.

I keep wondering why cashiers are doing double takes at me and then I remember I look like a totally crazy person. The cashier at Target asked me if I was “saving 5% today” and I sputtered awkwardly because I didn’t understand this total non sequitur of a question. I bet it added to the whole “nutty lady” aesthetic.

Which is what I’m going for. Obviously.

2. Keep your baby from getting sunburned. 

Note: babies do not sparkle in the sunlight; however, the may be this angsty.


My little boy is straight-outta-Transylvania pale and I, being of Italian stock and SoCal raised, have no concept of being roasted by the sun. Suddenly, I have to think about baby sunscreen since the only way I’ll get him to wear a hat is by weaving it with his hair. But it seems like if I put sunscreen on him, he’ll get cancer because of “toxins” or whatever and if I don’t, he’ll also get cancer. I ended up picking up the Aveeno baby brand at Target today because, whatever.

3. Conserve water.

My laundry pile was Everest large this week. Pretty much all of our clothes were in the basket.  “Julia, I’m on my last pair of pants.” was the signal that I should probably tackle it.

The marauders in the basement flee with the warmer weather, right?

4. Get swimsuit ready. 

Next time you want a treat, ask yourself “is this a good time?” and, if so, just take three or four chocolate chips at a time.

Repeat every time the baby goes to sleep, you finish or start or think about starting a chore, or enter the kitchen for any reason.

ah, moderation

5. Keep the floor clean to ward off bugs.

Just put the baby on the floor under his high chair after meals. We’ve found it just as effective as vacuuming.

6. Grill!


How do moths get in SEALED BAGS OF PASTA in the first place???

7. Bring flowers to your mother. 


We did just that after acquiring buns for the aforementioned turkey burger buns yesterday.

Happy Spring!!! How are you welcoming it?


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