7QT: Tranquilized Bear Thoughts


I know I’ve been tired lately because I saw this picture of a tranquilized bear falling from a tree into a parachute and thought “that looks nice.”



Said exhaustion stems from Christopher’s baby rampage this week. He has become too good at walking and has made it a mission to do a circuit of the five naughty things he knows he shouldn’t do: touch the computer, touch the toilet, touch the garbage, touch the broiling drawer, touch the sockets, repeat. His determination would be impressive if it weren’t so frustrating.


I decided I needed to channel his energy into something more productive since I can’t go for walks with Mr. Shoes-R-The-Devil, esq. so the latest “use our recycling to develop fine motor skills” scheme was born. Before he woke up from his nap yesterday afternoon, I chugged a water bottle, took some pom-poms and popsicle sticks out of my growing craft stash, and decided we were going to try to stuff them into the empty water bottle. It occupied him for a whopping twenty minutes after he woke up and I’m only half sarcastic about that “whopping.” It’s also very rewarding to see him accomplish little things, even just shoving a pom-pom in a bottle, and to say “yes” after saying “no” so much lately. It makes me want to do some more activities from my obsessive pinning.


Speaking of recycling, I impulse bought a bottle of raspberry chia kombucha earlier this weekkombucha, opened it on the drive home and thought it was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted. But it was $4 so I had to drink all of it, right? So I finished it over the past week and now it’s all I want to drink. Maybe it’s the B vitamins fighting my anemia or the 1% alcohol content, but I’m afraid I want to pick up an expensive hippie habit. I’ve also read conflicting things about kombucha’s compatibility with nursing, so if anyone has some actual information, it would be much appreciated.


It took me about three episodes to get into it, but the fight scene in the hallway at the end of episode two convinced me that I’m enjoying Daredevil during afternoon naptime. I’ve had Marvel fatigue. The movies lately have been too weird and involved for me (don’t even talk to me about the Thor sequel because I spent the whole movie being very confused), but Daredevil seems more human and less timey-wimey and the production value is excellent. Plus, I get to use my degree with all the Russian on the show! I knew that expensive education would come in handy! Also, does anyone else want a Law & Order: Criminal Intent/Daredevil crossover so we can have Vincent D’Onofrio-ception? Anybody?


We’ve been going over tense and aspect in my grammar class this week and even I, who really enjoys grammar, am struggling to make it interesting. We had a make up class today because of all of our snow days this year and everyone was pretty bummed about having class on Friday (perks of homeschooling) so I made these cookies from Smitten Kitchen for my students and I typed up a summary of Star Wars for my students to classify all of the verbs. The cookies went over well but two thirds of my class hadn’t seen Star Wars (I know, what kind of nerds are they?) but they learned their aspects so I count it a success.


Said rampager has awoken about an hour too early from his afternoon nap (kyrie eleison) so I’m going to try to rectify that situation. TTFN!

Thanks to Kelly for hosting seven quick takes!


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