The Polese Women Take New Haven

IMG_5132I was excited for my mom and my sister, Cara, to come visit for weeks. Months. They arrived on Easter Sunday evening, a perfect cherry on top of our marathon brunch hopping (did you know you could have multiple brunches per day? I didn’t). We ate treats from Trader Joe’s, Christopher played with his new Lego train from their trip to FAO Schwarz, and we reunited the next day for a tour around Yale and a stop at Shake Shack.

And then Christopher threw up.

We were chalking it up to the fries he ate at Shake Shack (sometimes you forget the Cheerios and resort to desperate measures) but then I started feeling unwell and by Tuesday I was feverish and nauseated enough that my sister asked if maybe I was pregnant (nope).

Chris was stricken on Wednesday and I moped around while Mom and Cara played with Christopher, who seemed to have been mostly spared after the french fry incident, and were all around lifesavers.



Christopher discovered via suitcase expeditions a new passion for climbing onto and leaping off of things.






I cursed the timing of our first child-borne plague. But I was better by Thursday and we were able to cram in a ton of fun things in the last several days of their visit.

On Thursday, we visited “the Aunts,” as we call them, in Westchester County, New York. Aunt Jean and Aunt Mary are actually my paternal grandmother’s aunt and cousin respectively and, more importantly, they are delightful. We had a delicious lunch, fun conversation, and returned with more treats than we were able to finish. Plus, Christopher did not destroy Aunt Mary’s house, was all-around cute and took two great car naps on our adventure.

Meeting Aunt Mary

…and his Great-Great-Great Aunt Jean. (So cool.)

We took the chance to catch a Yale softball game on Saturday. Cara’s a dynamite player and hopes to play in college (maybe for Yale!) and I played through high school. I usually don’t realize how much I miss playing until I watch a game. I sort of teared up at one point. (Seriously, not pregnant.) The Elis got walloped by Dartmouth (Cara: “Is there a mercy rule in college ball?” Alas, no.) but, coincidentally, it was an alumni game so we got to chat with some former softball players about their experience playing Division 1 sports and attending an Ivy League school. Their version of college life sounded very busy but rewarding.


The weather was just lovely too.


Of course, on Sunday we had Christopher’s birthday party and finished off their final evening with some pizza from Pepe’s. We hung out at home on Monday morning before I had to go teach and they had to make the trek to Laguardia. It is very sad they live 3000 miles away; however, it’s looking like we’ll spend a significant portion of the summer in San Diego so I cling to that hope. Still, if anyone has a lead on a Kickstarter for teleportation, send it my way.


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