Christopher: One Year

In his best birthday vest

In his best birthday vest

I have so much to catch up on on ye olde blogge – our first Triduum, my sister and my mom’s visit to New Haven, Hilary Mantel’s depiction of Thomas More in Wolf Hall – but Christopher turned one on Sunday and such a milestone requires a post post-haste. 


My sister, mom, and I made this lovely Pinteresty bunting.

We had a sweet little party for him on Sunday. My mom and my sister had been in town for the week and my in-laws drove in. Christopher’s godmother, Allison, and two other postulants from the Apostles in Hamden were also able to join us for Mass and the party. I had made carrot cake cupcakes and a little smash cake for him the night before (that I forgot to take a picture of, sigh). My mother-in-law brought a ton of sandwiches and we chatted in the family room over lunch while Christopher played. We opened presents of clothes and toys, including a Thomas from my mom, a present that I especially love because my younger brother was obsessed with Thomas and trains as a little boy. (NB: Thomas Shrugged) Allison passed down the bear her own godparents had given her. Not a dry eye. Then we ate cake! Christopher was more excited by the candles than the cake itself. He was very methodical with eating it and I had to take it away lest he devour the whole thing one pincer grasp at a time. (I am currently eating the remains of said cake. #naptime)


Cake action shot from Instagram

We had such a lovely time


Coveting sandwiches with Allison

Tempus definitely fugitted this past year. I can’t believe our very large newborn (9 lbs 3 oz, boom) has become a giant toddler. And he’s been toddling up a storm. He’s getting to the point where walking is more efficient than crawling so he’s choosing to go upright from point A to point B much more frequently. I love his waddling along with this belly thrust out and his legs high-stepping it. Too much. He also stood up completely unassisted by furniture and/or people’s knees for the first time at his birthday party.

He continues to eat like a teenager, including his preference for pizza crust above all other food. He also went through an unfortunate yelly phase this month when we would be too slow in reloading his tray with food so we’ve attempted to teach him the signs for “more” and “all finished” to some effect. The yelling has been redirected to clapping for food, monkey-like.


Methodical carrot caking best done shirtless

In addition to yelling, he has been communicating by pointing at things he wants. I’m fairly sure “Mama” is the only word in his spoken vocabulary and he usually only deploys it in distress, but he clearly understands so much. A silly little thing: I say “bonk” whenever he bumps his head on something and he finds it really amusing if I say “bonk” a bunch of times and he keeps hitting his head. He’s a good mimic and is very much a little boy. We’ve been trying to make it to playgroup more often and I’m both proud of how playful he is when he is younger than most of the other kids and also cringe at how he can run roughshod over everybody.

On the sleeping front, he has slept through the night three times in the past month. Miraculous.

Favorite activities include opening and closing the doors throughout the apartment, playing a chasing game with Daddy the Dinosaur, climbing any stairs he can find, searching for the salad spinner in the kitchen cabinet, emptying receptacles of any kind, flipping through books, and lunging at/pretending to blow out candles.

Playing with Thomas at the afterparty

Playing with Thomas at the afterparty

He’s still our good natured buddy. A year ago today, we came home from the hospital. I still really can’t believe he’s ours.


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