Christopher: 11 Months

My little buddy is becoming a bigger buddy every day. A wise friend at our parish said that babies have moods, but toddlers have preferences. We are entering toddler territory, a land filled with lots of toothy grins but also lots of changing table meltdowns. Good with the bad and all that.

The big happening is that he took his first steps on Tuesday!!! It was just three little toddles but he was very proud of himself and clapped after he saw our excited expressions. Oh man. It begins.

Now get ready for some minutia only a mother (and maybe, maybe some grandparents could love):

It’s been a somewhat tough month. He had his first major head cold. I can almost pinpoint the moment he caught those germs. The little amoebas living on the common toys at the library during story time made contact with his mouth when he decided hitting the drum with the drumstick wasn’t quite cutting it. It needed some saliva to really make the rhythm sing. His stuffy nose made it difficult to nurse, which both made him really increase his table food intake and lose almost all interest in the formula supplements I was still giving him. He still hasn’t quite recovered in the nursing department; it makes me nervous he’s going to self-wean soon but I’m trying not to think about it and he still has a lingering nose situation. He was also getting four teeth while this whole ordeal was going on so that probably has something to do with it.

Anyway, now that he’s mostly retired from the snot factory, he seems to have had another one of those lightbulb episodes when babies just come alive and seem even more aware of their surroundings and other people. His little personality keeps emerging bit by bit and he is a sweet and happy baby. A baby/toddler with preferences, but nevertheless, a sweet little guy. His new teeth have added to the adorability factor. He also does this nuzzling thing when he puts his cheek against our hair and rubs his face against our heads. It’s adorable and we finally figured out that it’s affection, not just a weird thing he decided to do one day. An illustration from an Instagram post earlier this month:

We’ve started some discipline since he clearly knows when he is being naughty. The other day in the bath, we didn’t want him pulling up on the faucet for fear of facial lacerations ruining his sweet little mug (and it was sort of annoying) so Chris firmly told him no over and over again with some light hand spanking. Finally, he scooted over to the faucet, held out his hand, looked at Chris, smirked, and stopped, choosing his rubber ducky over the lesser part. He hasn’t quite gotten to that moment with touching the trash, opening the broiling drawer, or pulling up on the toilet, but a mom can dream.

A favorite activity: pulling up on the headboard and blissfully gazing (read: bouncing and struggling over the pillows) out the window and/or grabbing the blinds

He’s still babbling up a storm. I swear he was imitating the dog’s bark at my in-laws’ house earlier this week and I’m reading “more” into his “MMMMMMM”s at the dinner table.

Tweetie Warhol

I’ve been trying to get out of the house with him more, both out of cabin fever and to give him some experiences other than putzing around our little apartment. One of our frequent haunts is Toddler Tunes and, while he loves the songs at home and will clap and bob his head to the tune, he just sits and stares, wide-eyed, while we’re actually at the sing-along. I can’t tell if he’s overwhelmed by all the rambunctious children (I am, but I am trying to be cautious about projecting) or he’s just soaking it in.

Flipping through books is still one of his favorite activities, seen here (in an 18mo sleeper!!! Ahh!!!):

Look at that little boy face!

On the sleeping front, we had a tumultuous few weeks at the beginning of the month that since evened out to our less-than-stellar normal. I have chosen not to think about it anymore. If I could never think or talk about baby sleep again, I’d be a happy woman. But who am I kidding?

Tweetie No-Pants and some the bed head that can’t be tamed

I can’t believe he’s going to be a year old next month. I’ve already started planning my carrot cake and I spent far too long trying to pick out the perfect present (I even created a wish list. #shameless). I’m also tempted to make one of these busy boards but I literally just realized we don’t have a drill so.

We love him so much.

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