The Couponing Pirates

A frequent conversation in our house on the weekends:

Chris: “What do you want to do today?”

Me, in a sheepish sing-song voice: “I dunno!”

Yesterday was one of those “I dunno” days as our Sabbath usually is. As we digested our not-very-Lenten lunch (this, modified to include pepperoni, sauce, and even more sausage; it’s called pizza roll and it is delicious), I checked the mail and browsed through the week’s Sunday circulars.

Christopher even got in on the action.


Soon Chris started tapping away on his phone and I heard an Australian lady talking about how to make a paper hat that would be perfect for a pirate pah-ty or even a sailor party (Yes, even a sailor party! What a thought!).

He created a hat for himself

A hat for Buddy

With varying


ofstaying power.And soon a hat for me!

We then spent the better part of an hour sword fighting with the Save-a-Lot coupons, which delighted Christopher, especially when either of us collapsed in defeat.

After the swashbuckling had ended, I turned to Chris and said “This is what I wanted to do today.”

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