7QT: Strugglebus Edition

The Strugglebus is caught in a snowdrift here at the Mooney household, but it’s still more comfortable than the Megabus, amiright? I’ll be here all week. Because of the snow.


Singing this song with the rest of the Northeast.

Will it ever not be Winter again? Can we just have Christmas 2: the Christmasing instead if St. Patrick’s Day to make this snow worth it?


My Lenten resolutions are getting harder and I’ve cheated a few times. Those were my worst days at home and I can’t tell if they were the worst because I spent time on the computer, which made Christopher seem clingy or Christopher was clingy so I tried to escape into social media. It doesn’t really matter. I’m thankful His mercies are new every morning.


Speaking of mornings, we’ve seen a lot of them lately. Christopher has decided that the 5:30-6:15 range is a great time to start the day. I know it could be worse and I’m thankful for my parents’ Christmas gift, good ol’ Mr. Coffee, but it’s wreaking havoc with his nap situation. The baby who must be Ergo’d or nursed to sleep fell asleep on Chris, Sophie in his clutches, while I was teaching on Wednesday and it was just adorable.

But still. I miss waking up after dawn. And not falling asleep while I’m reading at 9:00pm.


My students and I had a little too much fun in class on Monday and made a class “flag” with what I deemed our motto.

Me: We should put “Now is the time to make mistakes” on the flag since that’s our motto!

Student: That’s our motto?

Me: I say that all the time!

Student: You do?

They clearly listen very closely to their teacher. Here is our masterpiece.

I just hope the sentence diagram is correct or I’ll feel like a dope.

Also, I know I’ve reached peak nerd because I keep getting distracted while reading wondering how I would diagram each sentence. Just call me Poindexter.


Good reads this week:

The lonely mission of motherhood at Mama Needs Coffee // I want Jenny to write the Motherhood Manifesto. “Mothers of the world, unite!”

The latest Fountains of Carrots podcast with Tyler Blanski was super great. I also enjoyed Tyler’s conversion story.

This photo album full of 1950s interiors is amazing.


I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate all of the Fisher-Price songs etched into our subconscious into our classical education. Clearly, at ten months old, Christopher is still at the memorization heavy Grammar stage of his education. We know at least three versions of the ABC’s, so that’s a start. The song about bugs, bees, butterflies, bird, frog, crickets his little house sings will help us on our nature walks when the world, thaws, right? Does Charlotte Mason have a chapter on obnoxious jingles? Is there a Fisher-Price: Latin Declensions line? We already have blocks with the Greek alphabet so something’s got to be out there that will help aid Christopher’s translations of Cicero.


A bonus video of our favorite baby trick:

Head on over to Kelly’s for more quick takes.

4 thoughts on “7QT: Strugglebus Edition

  1. Snow is so hard as a parent. I loved it before, but now that I have kids…not so much lol. Bundling up kids to play in the snow isn’t as much fun now.

    And I loved the podcast this week…and Jenny’s post. I wish I could write like her. Everything is SO good!

    • I have to admit I sometimes don’t even know where to start with the bundling! I’m from SoCal so I barely know how to dress myself for winter, let alone my son. I wore boat shoes yesterday.

      I want to be Jenny when my blog grows up. 😉

  2. The saving grace of admitting broken Lenten resolutions — maybe even the perfection of the sacrifice – is the humility of realizing how easily we fail, first of all — We can’t very well get puffed up, congratulating ourselves on how well we “do” Lent if we’re constantly tripping up over our sacrifices, right? And the need of correcting ourselves and revving up to try harder points our brains (and hearts and bodies) back toward God. Which is the whole point of Lent. (See how well I have this justification thing down? gglggl! I’m falling and picking myself up constantly over here… ) Nice to “meet” you and your beautiful family through 7QT!

    • This comment was so encouraging, Lisa. I too often get swept up in how I can “win” Lent when that’s not really the point of penance, isn’t it? Metanoia, or repentance, means to keep turning back to God. Lent is the opportunity to remind us to depend on grace in the constant turning back toward Him. Thank you so much for dropping by!

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