Fat Tuesday and a Happy Lent

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We left the house solely to get a donut this afternoon. And Christopher fell asleep in his car seat on the ride home. A truly decadent Fat Tuesday.

Ah, Lent. What to do? How do I want to grow in love these next forty days? What daily small choices do I make that prevent me from loving God and neighbor as I ought?

I know it should probably involve more prayer and less Netflix. More meal planning, less grumbling. More attention, less distraction. The more I think about it, it comes down to my desire for distraction.

A few weeks ago, Chris and I flopped on the couch after Christopher was asleep and got to talking about what we really thought made for the good life after we both had had frustrating days. I named four things that I thought made me truly happy and Chris pointed out that TV and social media, usually huge parts of my days, had no relation to my list and I hadn’t even noticed.

Maybe this Lent is the opportunity to repent of those things that prevent me from living the happy life and to hunger and thirst for righteousness instead of the distraction that does not satisfy. The spirit is willing but that darn flesh just wants to spend nap time watching stupid television. Even now, I waffle on what I actually want to give up for Lent because I think of everything I will “miss out” on (Is it going to be Whitney, Becca, or Kaitlyn, guys???).

But if I name these things as distractions that cause me to miss out on the daily stuff of the good life – prayerful mornings, happy days with my husband, cuddling with Christopher, investing in friendships, a clean house, planned meals, more books – it reveals how petty that FOMO can be.

I’m praying for a Lent that cultivates true happiness and lets the desire for distractions from the good life die.

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4 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday and a Happy Lent

  1. Haha, I love this! I am so with you! I waffle too! And I am also so curious about who it’s going to be on The Bachelor lol Prayers for you Lenten journey! Loved that y’all went out for donuts today. We haven’t done much since my youngest isn’t having the best of diaper days. Adding sugary goodness to what’s already a mess would make for bigger messes which I’m opting out of. TMI? lol Happy to find your site through BISsisterhood!

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