Christopher: 10 Months


Ten months of Christopher. He’s been out of the womb longer than he was in it. That is insane to me. When did my baby get so big?

Here is an indulgently long post about what he’s been up to recently that ends with a diagram of his numerous nicknames. Yes, a diagram.

  • He finally has two regular naps and even though I have to get him to fall asleep in the Ergo (scheduled post for 5 years from now: How Attachment Parenting Caused My Premature Hunchback), he makes the transfer to the crib 95% of the time and I get blissful, blissful naptime. Ever since we moved his crib into the pantry (yep), he’s been sleeping about 7:30pm until 7:30am with one wake up around 4:00am to nurse back to sleep glory glory hallelujah. There’s still a fair amount of yelling that goes into going to sleep at night, though, despite the near hour-long routine. The kid just doesn’t want to go to sleep.
  • He still loves to nurse as far as I can tell and now that he’s eating solids, it’s been so much less stressful since I’m not worried we’re starving him. (Good riddance, supply issues.)


  • Speaking of solids, he has eaten everything we have put in front of him with ravenous intensity. Except for rice. Hard pass on the rice. About 40% of his diet is Cheerios, but he gets healthy servings of eggs, sweet potato, banana and whatever we’re eating.

Note the amount of eggs on the floor. Also note that Chris was not home at this moment. (I vacuumed; don’t worry, my love.)

  • He’s an extremely busy baby. He’s interested in everything and quasimodo crawls around the house like a champ. The forbidden zones of the kitchen and the bathroom elicit squeaks of delight and a quick scurry when the barricade to the kitchen is down or he hears the bathroom door open. I’m not entirely sure why he likes those places so much outside of the fact that they are forbidden, which really illuminates the Augustinian pears principle for me.
  • He’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’ with surprisingly few actual bruises. He walks along all of our furniture and is starting to let go for increasingly lengthy intervals to give standing a shot. He doesn’t seem all that interested in walking yet but we’ll see.
  • He’s worked up quite the vocabulary of consonants. I sometimes delude myself into thinking he is actually saying “Mama.”
  • He’s become an expert mimic. He’s working on waving and shakes his hand in anticipation of a bottle when I make them for him. He’s got clapping down and sometimes mixes it up with waving. We’ll take it.
  • He likes bouncing to music. We go to a small group for married couples and the leaders hire babysitters to come to their house. Last time the girls said he bounced along to all of the songs in Mary Poppins. (Side note: I am terrified of that movie. It’s the feed the birds lady.) It’s my parents’ doing for playing him eighties New Wave when we were in California over Christmas. He also likes to coo/yell when we sing a hymn together in the morning or in Mass when the spirit moves him.
  • Object permanence has really kicked in which makes for fun (laughs at peekaboo) and less than fun (knowing exactly what needs to happen to nurse).
  • He finally discovered his laugh. It used to sound like he was just hyperventilating but we finally get belly laughs on a regular basis, usually at Daddy.


  • Speaking of Daddy, he’s become quite enamored with his father recently. Last night, we were playing on the floor and could see the window on our front door. Our neighbors came home and Christopher saw them, realized they weren’t Daddy, and got very sad. It’s very sweet.
  • His favorite book right now is Peek-A-Who and he grins in anticipation of the mirror at the end. He really just likes to see himself in his literature. He’ll turn the pages when I’m reading to him and he might be getting that he needs to wait until I pause but I’m not so sure.
  • The Mirror Baby is his best friend, so of course I’ve made up new lyrics to this songI’m starting with the baby in the mirror / I’m asking him to change his diaperrrr.
  • He is more social than his mother. Yesterday I was tutoring one of my students after class and Chris was supposed to watch Christopher. Instead, other students at the co-op played with him for an hour, eliciting many laughs and many appreciative babbles in exchange for innumerable animal crackers. It was the sweetest.
  • Still the smiliest, sunniest little buddy. We’ve been spoiled with an easygoing first baby.

As a bonus, I created this absurd Venn Diagram of all of the nicknames we have for him. I definitely spent a totally reasonable amount of time on this and didn’t neglect any of my duties to draw it.


The bird-related nicknames originate from a sleeper he had as a newborn that said “Little Tweetie” on it and his little squeaks sounded like tweets so here we are. The fake Latin is my fault. Do not blame my classicist husband. Incidentally, instead of Mater and Pater we’ve been calling each other Mommius and Daddius which is just as silly as it sounds. Anything for our silly buddy.

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