The Mooney School of Snowcraft and Blizzardry

How’s that for a ridiculous title? Linking up with Like Mother Like Daughter to talk about the ton of snow that got dropped on us on Monday, more than from the historic blizzard that wasn’t last week.


The morning started off rather pleasant and beautiful with friendly flurries just enough for some good cozy snow peeping. Here’s the church across the street.



But then the snow started picking up during Christopher’s afternoon nap, which was very exciting and a guaranteed snow day for the co-op where both Chris and I teach classes. Chris was in one of his own classes when it really started coming down and he had to walk home from class in this. Look at that umbrella lady struggling against the wind! What is this arctic tundra in which we live??

image1 (1)

I didn’t know we moved to Hoth.


Christopher and I were all snuggled up inside when Chris sent me this missive:

I thought we were going to have to thaw him out with the boiling water or throw it on the stairs to make a path or something because I’m from Southern California, what is a weather? Maybe that’s how these things work. But no, it was for hot chocolate, the perfect accompaniment for blizzards  and freezing rain alike.

He made it home! Very snowy, but safely. He briefly (very, very briefly, grandparents) took Christopher out to see the carnage and wave hello to the man dealing with his car in front of our house.



We sat on our couch, sipped hot chocolate and watched the snow and Return of the King, which even held Christopher’s attention after breaking our “no screens for babies because I’ve heard too much about The Shallows rule.


On Tuesday, I dug out the pick up truck we are borrowing from my in-laws so I could go to the grocery store. I was very proud of myself for doing something everyone else in Connecticut thinks is a normal part of life. In the midddle of my celebratory drive to Stop and Shop I discovered my neck was massively stiff and the next thing I knew, it was physically, not just figuratively, painful to deal with a mid-grocery store hangry (hungry and angry – it’s a thing) Christopher meltdown. I’ve been laid up since.

You win, Winter. You win.



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